Whistle Case Studies

Fresh Hope Communities

“Our care staff are busy… and this is one of the first tools that we’ve seen that is actually making their day to day work a bit easier…” 
– Glen Hegner CIO, Fresh Hope Communities

Heywood Rural Health

“Whistle certainly makes life easier!”  In these five words, Claire McGregor sums up the many benefits the chirpy new arrival has brought to Heywood Rural Health’s Aged Care facility in southwest Victoria.

"Purpose-built for Skilled Nursing, Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities"

Whistle certainly makes life easier! The people at Whistle have a wealth of experience and knowledge about how Skilled Nursing, Nursing Home and Assisted Living operates. They’re also interested in using technology to make the working lives of our nurses as easy as possible, and Whistle does exactly that. It works with staff to improve their day.
Leigh Parker