A single App for staff communication designed for Senior Living

Manage voice calls, messages, nurse calls and third party alerts all on the one screen. Staff only receive alerts for residents they are responsible for. Simple to install. Easy to use. Great value for money.

Whistle is a contemporary process driven communications platform that addresses the unique requirements of a Skilled Nursing Facility, Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility with empathy and understanding from many years of relevant industry experience.

Developed in Australia, Whistle is a stylish software solution designed by a team
that understands the vital role of communications in Senior Living Communities.

What is Whistle?

Whistle is an innovative application for smart phones designed to address the needs, issues and challenges encountered by staff across the Senior Living industry.  

Its easy-to-use navigation bar and elegant graphical user interface are fine-tuned to the unique needs of workers and residents, ensuring quick and efficient communication between staff. 

Delivering this type of effective and easy to use communication across Senior Living Facilities is a challenge. For example, by virtue of privacy, residents have their own rooms which creates an environment where staff do not have line of sight to each other.  While other workers may be nearby and able to assist when needed, how does a staff member ascertain this without leaving the resident alone? Combine this type of issue with other workforce communication challenges such as age and diversity and it’s clear you need an easy to use and cost-effective solution. 

That solution is Whistle.

Whistle Features

As a purpose-built application, Whistle outshines all other systems in meeting and addressing industry specific requirements. It facilitates voice communication, nurse call management and duress alerts, while also creating an efficiency dividend for staff. 

Easy to integrate with existing telephony and nurse call systems, Whistle’s distinctive functions include:


Enables users to forward calls and update shift-based, role assignments if needed.


Features the elegant Whistle Wheel for storing favourite contacts as well as a full list of contacts, a keypad for making external calls and a log of previous calls.


Receives and monitors nurse call events, alerting staff as to needs in their areas.


Ensures voice calls and nurse calls are intelligently diverted when the user is at meetings, having breaks or occupied for other reasons, restoring the user to available status after the specified time.


Enhances staff safety by needing only a touch and swipe to request urgent assistance.

Why choose Whistle?

With the combined knowledge acquired from more than 20 years in the industry, the Whistle team understands that the communication system used by staff in facilities across the Senior Living industry needs to deliver:

Easy and elegant, Whistle is designed to respond to the needs of a diverse workforce, facilitating voice communication for all members of staff in a Senior Living Facilities.  

Whatever their age, whether they have English as a second language, whether or not they are tech-savvy, Whistle makes it easy for staff to contact each other, call roles such as the RN or with more granularity call assignments such as the Floor 1 RN.

Whistle’s Call function enables staff to store their most-used contacts as Favourites and contact them at a single touch. If necessary, Whistle has a stored list of all other contacts at their facility and staff can use a keypad to make external calls when necessary.

Speed, as they say, is of the essence, and when it comes to helping staff to contact each other quickly, Whistle is on its mark and set to go.

This speed of communication is an asset that can make all the difference to the efficiency of staff and the comfort of residents. Through Whistle’s nurse call function, staff are notified of a call for their area of responsibility, such as a worker needing assistance to lift a resident.

Requests are colour coded to indicate their priority. If the person to whom the call is directed is not available, the call is then forwarded to another person for action. When a worker accepts the call, Whistle discontinues alerts to other team members for that task. This enables them to address other duties, knowing the call is being handled by a colleague.

Without an adequate communication system, the worker may have had to go in search of a colleague, leaving a possibly distressed resident alone. With Whistle, however, the worker has the ability to request help and to receive a quick response while waiting with the resident, keeping them calm if necessary until assistance arrives.

While it is to be hoped that your staff will never find themselves under duress, it is vital to know that they can summon assistance quickly if such a situation ever does occur.

Whistle makes it easy to send out an alert through the easy touch and swipe action of its Duress function. This immediately sends an alarm and message to each Whistle device in the organisation, notifying them as to the location of the staff member requiring assistance.

In this way, Whistle works to keep your staff safe and to improve their confidence as they work, knowing that if they ever do require help, it is only a touch and a swipe away.

Whistle simplifies staff communication and optimises how staff interact with and respond to residents. In addition to this, Whistle provides a means for staff to contact one another for urgent support if they are under duress.

Combining staff communication tools, nurse call management and duress into a single, easy to use, mobile application allows organisations to leverage and make the most of their investments to drive efficiency and productivity gains, which benefit staff and residents alike. The efficiency dividend that Whistle delivers, allows staff to spend more time with residents delivering direct care, whilst following correct care procedures.

This is all made possible through the end-to-end management and provision of Whistle from a local cloud environment. This removes the need for procurement and ongoing management of infrastructure that is required for more traditional communication solutions.

Whether you’re in need of supporting staff in a small number of sites or wish to scale Whistle to all of your facilities, our flexible Software-as-a-Service offering can be quickly and easily deployed to your staff as a per bed per day subscription service.


We understand that our Senior Living customers require an end-to-end solution to deliver meaningful benefits for residents and staff.

Whistle boasts additional features that have been included to address industry specific requirements.

"Purpose-built for Skilled Nursing, Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities. "

"Whistle certainly makes life easier!
The people at Whistle have a wealth of experience and knowledge about how Senior Living communities operate. They’re also interested in using technology to make the working lives of our nurses as easy as possible, and Whistle does exactly that.
It works with staff to improve their day."
Leigh Parker
CEO, Heywood Rural Health

The makers of Whistle software.

Whistle is a software company committed to improving the lives of workers and their residents across the Senior Living Industry. With 20 years combined experience within the industry, our innovative software solutions create time saving efficiencies. Whistle, our core communications product, helps workers in Senior Living Facilities spend more time looking after residents and providing the highest quality care.